THE NEW Fitness Improvement Training Program (FIT-P)

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1.  To promote a healthy lifestyle culture across the MOARNG.

2. To reduce APFT and ABCP flags, increase APFT scores, and lower ABCP percentages.


Who We Work With

Soldiers who are E1-E4, within 18 months of ETS, and who are currently not passing their Army Physical Fitness Test and/or the body composition standard are the first priority for FIT-P. We welcome anyone else who wants to get a great workout!


We have hired five highly qualified and experienced personal trainer/health coaches (PT/HCs) and one program manager/director to work across the state with Soldiers in order to help them improve fitness.   Our PT/HCs each cover a region of the state—Kansas City region, Columbia/Jefferson City region, Saint Louis region, Cape Girardeau region, and Springfield region.  These personal trainer/health coaches enroll Soldiers in FIT-P and work with them individually to help them meet the Army standard for fitness and body composition.


Selected Soldiers will be volunteering to work with a personal trainer/health coach; they will not be on military orders.  They will sign an agreement and a liability waiver, similar to documents an individual would sign if hiring a personal trainer outside of the military.  PT/HCs will provide nutrition, physical activity, and general health education to the Soldier and family members involved in meal planning/preparation if desired.  The PT/HC will design workouts and workout with the Soldier/clients only.  FITBITs will be used by Soldier/clients (signed out by hand receipt) to help track their progress and to maintain contact with their PT/HC.

The goal of this design is to work with Soldiers in their own environment to improve fitness and adopt new healthier habits that they will be able to maintain long-term.