The Partners in Care initiative was sanctioned by Maj. Gen. Stephen L. Danner, Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard, after being recognized by Gov. Jeremiah “Jay” Nixon as one of the best ways for our faith-based communities to help citizen-soldiers. It was adopted by Chaplain (COL) Gary Gilmore, head of the Missouri National Guard Chaplain Corps from a separate initiative piloted by Chaplain (COL) William Sean Lee in the Maryland National Guard.


Partners in Care is open for participation to all faith communities. The concept is simple: Participating congregations extend support to all referred warriors and their families from programs they are already offering to all referred warriors and their families – within the limits of the congregation’s resources and abilities, of course – and free of charge, without regard to the recipients’ religious affiliation.

It’s a fact that Missouri National Guard Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen and their families are integral parts of local communities all across the state. MONG has members in every county in the state. As Maj. Gen. Danner said, “They are your neighbors and friends – fellow citizens in time of peace, and soldiers who mobilize in time of disaster, community need or war.” A congregation’s “support and service to them conveys a great gift of recognition and honor.”

Some examples of the services offered by participating faith communities include child care/sick child support, basic household and automotive repairs, counseling for individuals, couples families, and emergency food/clothing/housing, to name a few. Download the Partners in Care pamphlet HERE to learn more.

If you would like to learn more about the Missouri National Guard’s Partners in Care program, email Staff Sergeant Jon Dougherty at