Physical Readiness

Physical readiness is the ability to meet the physical demands of any duty or combat position, move lethally on the battlefield, accomplish the mission and continue to fight, win, and come home healthy. 

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Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT Calculator

Army Performance Triad

Uniformed Services University Human Performance

Uniformed Services University Human Supplement Safety
     Holistic Health & Fitness (H2F)
      Contact Information
     State Coordinator             
     Lt. Christopher Barrett, MRT/MFT
     Jefferson City, MO                  
     573-638-9500 ext 37427  

     State NCOIC
     Sgt. 1st Class Travis Mathews, MFT
     Fort Leonard Wood, MO                  
     573-638-9500 ext 39205  

     Regional Coordinator
     Capt. Ann Robbins, MS
     Kansas City, MO                        
     573-638-9500 ext. 35059