Psychological Health Program

What is the Psychological Health Program?
Our program for Army National Guard (ARNG) includes a Director of Psychological Health located at Missouri National Guard Headquarters, Ike Skelton Training Site (ISTS), and three Psychological Health Coordinators located at ISTS in Jefferson City, at the Columbia Missouri Armory, and at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis.

Our program for Air National Guard (ANG) provides a Director of Psychological Health on location at the three primary sites where ANG assets work: Whiteman Air Force Base, Jefferson Barracks, and Rosecrans Air National Guard Base.

How do we help members of the MONG?
We provide information and education about stress, family issues, and common behavioral health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 
We offer support, guidance, coaching in positive coping and resilience, and referral to resources and treatment.
We can help with short term, solution-focused counseling while assisting Soldiers and Airmen with connection to ongoing treatment if needed.
We provide ongoing case management and support to Soldiers and Airmen who are on a behavioral health profile to help them navigate the process, access treatment, and return to full duty as efficiently as possible.
How do we help Command?
We answer questions about how to get help for Soldiers and Airmen with behavioral health needs.
We provide information and/or briefings to units on behavioral health issues and stressors, healthy coping and resilience, and available resources for behavioral health support and treatment.
We partner with Chaplain services to offer Unit and individual Soldiers and Airmen support in the event of a loss to suicide or other sudden/tragic death.

Resources and Handouts 
Click the link above to check out the resources and handouts developed by our team.  Here you can find self-help documents, how to get started with mental health treatment, how to navigate a crisis, and learn about common myths.

Who are we and how can you reach us?


                                Kristin Baker, MSW, LCSW
                                2302 Militia Dr.
                                Jefferson City, MO 65101
                                573-638-9500 x37083 (desk)
                                573-694-8651 (cell)


                                Chelsea Sherley, MSW, LCSW
                                2302 Militia Dr.
                                Jefferson City, MO 65101
                                573-638-9500 x37275 (desk)
                                573-658-0535 (cell)
                                Kristi Stephens, MSW, LCSW
                                5151 N. Roger I Wilson Memorial Dr.
                                Columbia, MO 65202
                                573-449-6246 x11615 (desk)
                                573-658-0534 (cell)
                                Emma Wangelin, MSW, LCSW
                                24 Davis St.
                                St. Louis, MO 63125
                                314-416-6675 (desk)
                                314-580-5089 (cell)


DIRECTOR (Jefferson Barracks)

                                Dr. Kimberly Barragan, LCSW
                                24 Davis St.
                                Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 63125-4187
                                314-527-8280 (desk)
                                314-939-0246 (cell)

DIRECTOR (Whiteman Air Force Base)
                                Coming Soon, LCSW
                                101 Spirit Blvd.
                                Whiteman Air force Base, Mo. 65305
                                660-687-7407 (desk)
                                314-753-0342 (cell)

DIRECTOR (Roscrans Air National Guard Base)
                                Coming Soon, LCSW
                                705 Memorial Dr.
                                St. Joseph, Mo. 64503
                                816-236-3356 (desk)
                                816-244-3032 (cell)